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Tradition and experience combined with the excellent value for money are the characteristics of the Basic line, an absolute key player in Menchi Tessuti’s history dedicated both to classic and street-style outerwear.


Continuous research of the best fibers, creation of exclusive blends, innovation in the finishing of fine fabrics, are the main features that distinguish the Mimì line.


It is in the Contemporary line that the creative talent of the technicians is best expressed, giving birth to surprising products. Fabric re-proposed from a modern point of view both through imagination and finishing is what makes it valuable in the result and use.


Within our company, research is linked to fiber experimentation.

Menchi Tessuti designs over 70% of the yarns used in production and collaborates with the main finishing facilities within the district of Prato in order to experiment increasingly innovative finishes, consistent with the idea of product development.


Is combined in the experimentation of new products: each article is designed to be a fusion between the innovation of the yarns inserted in the context and particular structures.

We are developing and daily perfecting logistics regarding the simplification and the efficiency of the production processes.


Essential and performing fabrics, starting from the raw material, follow the concept of the unique quality of an artisan product.

Only after a long series of tests, which guarantee the standards of pre-established characteristics, will a new article become part of the Menchi Tessuti collection.

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