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Environmental policy

Menchi Tessuti has decided to continue its commitment to improve its environmental performance, working to also influence those of its partners, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the construction of a more sustainable textile-manufacturing system. With this in mind, we want to achieve the following objectives:

• monitor legislation and environmental regulation updates and pursue compliance with applicable standards
• monitor our own environmental behavior and promote activities aimed at improving their impact
• establish good internal practices to reduce the consumption of resources such as water and energy
• optimize waste management by increasing the recycling of materials as much as possible
• research of innovative solutions focused on the use of chemicals that minimize or cancel the environmental impact of the processes preserving natural habitats and their fauna.

In order to achieve the mentioned objectives, Menchi Tessuti SpA has identified within its company a person who is responsible for managing the activities related to the environmental policy and relations with all third parties.
This person is entrusted and duly supported by the Management with appropriate tools, so that the environmental policy and objectives set by Menchi are widespread throughout the organization and all its employees are made aware and are involved in the efforts implemented. This person is also in charge of all the activities aimed at pursuing the objectives along the supply chain and relations with the external facilities involved, as well as the annual review of this document, in close collaboration with the Management, to verify its adherence to the company strategic guidelines.

Sustainability project

The need to leave our children a cleaner world is an integral part of Menchi Tessuti’s distinctive values. For this reason, the company pays particular attention to reconciling product performance and environmental protection. Menchi Tessuti is aware that the activities carried out along the entire supply chain that are necessary to obtain the finished product, can have a significant impact on the conservation of the environment that we will be leaving to the future generations. Hence the decision to implement the 4sustainability Protocol for the reduction and elimination of dangerous or harmful chemicals within the production cycle of the products, a protocol which, in line with the ZDHC approach, provides:

1. The mapping of the supply chain with the identification of chemical risk categories;
2. The creation of a PRSL (Product Restricted Substances List) that lists the limits of the presence of chemicals in the finished product;
3. Adhering to the MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List) ZDHC (www.roadmaptozero.com) and sharing it with the personnel involved;
4. training the personnel involved;
5. collecting information on internal management systems to ensure traceability;
6. implementation of a statistical sampling and monitoring through testing activities based on risk assessment.

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Recycled carded fibre

Having to meet a growing need of consumers towards a greater use of recycled and regenerated materials, we have identified a “family” of pure cashmere articles in our collection, under the Cardato Recycled brand.

These articles are produced with a minimum of 70% of recycled eco-sustainable fiber, but these are also produced at “0 km” as they are produced entirely within the District of Prato and therefore with a significant reduction of the environmental impact.

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RWS development

A growing interest in re-use, recycling and eco-sustainability leads us to look for new ways to meet the needs, both from the point of view of consumption and from an increasing ecological focus, of a mature and responsible market.

Responsible Wool Standard is a certification system for the entire supply chain that starts from the wool producer and provides the fundamental points for the evaluation of the respect of animals and of the environment, as a guarantee of what we are going to buy.

The RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) system, together with the GRS (Global Recycled Standard), today are points of reference in the recycled world. Together with some of the established worldwide brands and our partners, we are studying the best way to certify the whole supply chain in the production of RWS articles.

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