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Founded in 1961 by the young entrepreneur from Prato, Mimì Menchi.

Mimi started working at her brother-in-law’s textile company when she was very young and after a 20-year experience as a sales manager, she decided to start her own business. Certainly dictated more by necessity than by a real entrepreneurial vocation, this choice would prove to be an extremely positive decision.

The textile company Menchi Mimì sas, from the very beginning, specializes in the production of natural fiber fabric for outerwear.

Mimì deals with the marketing and sales side of the company, with direct contacts with an international clientele, dealing both with the Italian and foreign markets. For this reason, she is always aware of the needs and problems of the garment manufactures spending many hours in the finishing department and looking for the best and most innovative solutions to be able to meet the needs of each individual customer with customized results. This approach continues to be a guideline in current production and business management.

In 1994 with the entry of her son Massimo, the company expands further into the worldwide market, specializing in high-end fabrics made of noble fibers, in particular cashmere and alpaca. This choice has contributed decisively with placing Menchi Tessuti as a reference company in the international textile scene.

Massimo Menchi Martelli

Massimo was born in 1965, and since childhood, he distinguishes himself for his academic curiosity and for his active interest in sports, guided by an education oriented to the “mens sana in corpore sano”.

Massimo is extremely grateful to his philosophy and history professor, Maria Bellucci of the Copernico high school and to Dr. Luigi Lombardi Vallauri, professor of philosophy of law at university, as key figures in his ethical and cultural influence. In 1990 he obtained a degree in Philosophy of Law with top grades and the publication of his thesis.

After having completed military service as a cavalry officer in the Lancers of Florence stationed in Grosseto, in 1994 Massimo joined the company and has been working with his mother for many years acquiring a significant experience in raw materials and finishing.

Since 2007 he has personally directed the company with a modern approach, without abandoning the maternal cultural approach.


The company as a profit generating entity but also as a social key leader, a place to give value to the person not only on a professional level.

When work is combined with the human being it is possible to reach the awareness of one’s self as a metaphysical entity.

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